Attendance at School

In our approach to raising achievement and achievement it is recognised that attendance at school is something that should be continuously encouraged.  It is no coincidence that our most successful pupils also have the best attendance.  Parents and staff have a part to play in encouraging children to attend school.

It is important for us to work with parents in encouraging all children to attend school.  All absences from school are required by law to be recorded.  Absences will normally fall under two categories – authorised or unauthorised absence.  In cases where your child is unable to attend school parents are asked to:-

  • if you know in advance that your child is going to be absent from school, please inform the school by letter or telephone;
  • give your child a note on his/her return to school, telling of the reason for absence;
  • notify the school first thing in the morning when your child is going to be absent, let us know the likely date of return and keep them informed if the date changes;
  • inform the school of any change to the following :-
  • home telephone number
  • mobile number
  • emergency contact details
  • requests for your child to make an extended visit to relatives must be made in writing to the head teacher, detailing the reason, destination and duration of absence and arrangements for their continuing education. On these occasions the pupil will be marked as an authorised absentee in the register.

Every effort should be made to ensure that your child attends school during term time.  Please contact the school should your child be unable to attend school.

Leave for Appointments

Pupils who must have medical or dental treatment during school hours are required to present an appointment card and obtain prior permission from the Head Teacher to be away from school.  Such requests must be brought to the School Office before 8.55 am before the date in question.  The same arrangements apply to all other requests for leave from school.