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Welcome to the Duncanrig School News Report

Students from this school will be making the news for real on 15 March 2012 as they take part in BBC News School Report. We aim to publish the news by 1600 GMT on the News Day, so please save this page as a favourite and return to it later. In the meantime, take a look at what the students produced last year. 


Top Stories

Mr. Gerrard and the Olympic Stadium

On the 14th of March, 2012 Duncanrig Radio reporters Alix  and Greg  went down to London to take a private tour of the Olympic park for the up and coming London Olympic Games.

While they are in London they will also be the only school representatives from Scotland, a huge honour to them as the people involved. They are also taking part in a press conference and met Lord Coe. See our pictures below!!!


We called Mr. Gerrard while he was in the Olympic Stadium and asked him a few questions. Here is the interview:


1.     What was the stadium like?

Massive, shaped like a bowl. Lots of scaffolding because it isn’t completed at the moment.


2.     Did you feel intimidated by lord Coe’s presence?

No; he was very nice and didn’t come across as a celebrity at all. He gave the pupils some good answers and was very welcoming!!!


3.     What was Lord Coe like?

Very professional and very nice to the children. He liked their questions; said they were better than normal media questions!!





Ally McCoist interview at K-Park Training Centre

The radio club went to the opening of K-Park the new home ground of East Kilbride Football Club and managed to get an exclusive interview with Rangers legend and manager  Ally McCoist. In this interview Ally talks about how it feels to lace up the old playing boots and how he rates the facilities at the newly built K-Park. To listen to the fascinating interview click on the link below:

Ally McCoist Interview

Below is a picture with Duncanrig Pupils, Lewis and Alix:




Community News


Linda Fabiani Interview

Linda Fabiani is a Member of the Scottish Parliament who works as a member of the SNP (Scottish National Party). Her constituency is East Kilbride where Duncanrig Secondary School is situated. She was kind enough to come in and meet some of Duncanrig radio members Alix Aitkin and Lauren Gallagher for an interview.

As an MSP Ms Fabiani raises issues and pursues motion which can be in the form of a short paragraph. Other MSP’s can retaliate in the form of questions or another paragraph as such a parliamentary session can turn into a debate. Listen to the interview here:

Linda Fabiani Interview

We have a picture here with Linda and the pupils.

Queen's Diamond Jubilee

On the 18th of march a local scout are going to partner with the woodland trust to plant 420 trees to commemorate queen Elizabeth II’s 60 year reighn over great Britain. The forest will be planted on the scout camp auchengillen which was also where the woodland trust partnered with scouting in 2007 for their centinery year. secondary school may be planning some events but nothing has been decided yet.






Peter André Interview

We interviewed Peter Andre after his performance in East Kilbride shopping centre.

Q1. Hello Peter!  Thank you very much for letting us interview you today. Did you enjoy performing to the East Kilbride audience today?

No problem, yeah! I did they were so amazing and there were so many people and it was really nice to meet them and meet you guys as well.

Q2  Thanks! You’ve been to East Kilbride before; did that influence your decisions to turn on the lights this year?

Yeah when they asked me to do it I was really happy because I remember last time I was here how awesome the crowds were and I didn’t aspect any people today so I was really, really happy when I did it and It’s my first Christmas switch on lights. It’s just nice to know that the crowd were so giving

Q3 You are a well known musician and TV personality, so which one do you prefer?

I much prefer doing music because it’s my passion but I reckon TV or presenting is a good future for someone as it is more secure than music.

Q4 You’re are a successful artist alone but if you had the opportunity to duet with anyone who would it be?

I really liked Amy Winehouse and of course Michael Jackson, so its sad that that cant happen any more. Adele is amazing, but I’m not sure, there are so many great artists our there.

Q5 Well, seeing as you switched on East Kilbride lights, we thought we’d ask you, what would make your ideal Christmas?

My ideal Christmas is a family Christmas, loads of kids and I hope Santa brings snow this year, I really hope that.

Q5 So what does 2012 hold for you?

Loads of TV, another album, an touring. And thanks to you guys ill definitely be coming up here

Q6 Since you’ve been in Scotland, have you had the chance to try haggis?

Yeah I have! I loved it, loved it!!! It took me ages, years to try it. The only food I don’t like is black pudding. And people said if “you don’t like black pudding then you wont like haggis” but I tried it and loved it haggis!

Q7 So in your tour, would you every sing a song with your brother?

My brother Christ, yeah he’s amazing. He’s an amazing musician. Do you like him?


Yeah we think he’s very talented but of course we prefer you Peter! Again, here is the interview:

Peter André Interview

Also, here is a picture of him with some of the pupils:


Katie Sutherland

The wonderful Katie Sutherland began her musical career at the tender age of just ten when she played the oboe in orchestras throughout primary and high school; she then took up piano lessons, which her granddad generously paid for.  Her hopes of becoming a Primary teacher were eclipsed when she started playing guitar as she had discovered a new found passion. She made herself known as part of “Pearl and the Puppets” but now would like to try out making her own way in the music industry.

                Although she has played concerts with Elton John, as well as headlining herself, Katie admits her proudest moment of her life so far has to be cooking her own dinner when she moved out of her parent house. All of her songs take you along her journey from a young musician to a successful selling artist and we are all sure there will be much more to hear from Katie in the future...

Katie Sutherland Interview