Head Teacher Letter

Dear Parent

It has been a busy term and a very busy year in Duncanrig Secondary School. Over the past few weeks we have posted on our school app a series of newsletters detailing some of the exceptional work that has taken place across our school this year. I am sure you will enjoy reading about our achievements and successes over the year. We are looking forward to our formal Award Ceremony in September where we will be able to highlight some of these successes. Before we finish for the holidays please note,

SQA Results

For young people who are awaiting SQA results, these will be delivered to young people on August 6th August 2019. On August 8th 2019 there will be an opportunity to meet with the SLT to discuss any options changes that may be required in light of the results. There will be two drop-in sessions as detailed below;
S5 Pupils should attend between 10-12pm
S6 Pupils should attend between 12.30-2.30pm
Young people should attend to change subjects only, if a change of level is required (higher to N5 for example) this will be addressed when pupils return to school on August 15th 2019.

During the summer holidays many Parents and carers will be purchasing uniform for next session can I remind you of the uniform policy at Duncanrig Secondary School.
• Blazer
• Plain white school shirt
• School tie
• Plain black school trousers or plain black school skirt (of knee length)
• Plain black jumper or cardigan that allows school ties to be seen
• Black school shoes/boots
Certain items, of clothing are not acceptable.
• Leggings
• Hooded tops, track suits
• Jeans (including black jeans), tracksuit bottoms, cargo pants, shorts, denim jackets, leisure/sportswear.
• Coloured tops, tops related to sports teams, tops with logos
• Polo shirts or black/grey/striped shirts
• Large or coloured belts, footless tights, non-black laces
• Large items of jewellery
• No hats or caps

If you are planning to buy new school shoes for August, may I remind you that all pupils should be wearing plain black shoes with black laces – no coloured trim, coloured logos, etc. Plain black trainers are also acceptable, but not ones with white toe caps (eg Converse) or white laces.
As we reach the end of the term I would like to thank you for your support over the past year and wish you a restful summer break.

Yours Faithfully

Lynday McRoberts
Head Teacher

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