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Please see below the contents of a letter received this morning advising of changes to crossing patrols within South Lanarkshire.

Parent / Carer Our ref: CS/SL
Your ref:  
If calling ask for: Stuart Laird
Phone: 01698 453607
Date: 4 September 2017

Dear Parent / Carer

Removal of School Crossing Patrollers

As you may be aware, the Council’s income from government grant is falling and at the same time as demand for our services is increasing. The Council has had to achieve significant levels of saving in recent years, and that remains the case as it plans for 2017/18 and beyond.

This has resulted in difficult choices having to be made. Savings proposal CER62 was approved by the Council on 16 February 2017 which is a continuation of the savings approved in 2015/16 involving the withdrawal of lunchtime provision at all sites and the withdrawal of provision at any existing sites which would not satisfy the current criteria for provision of a patroller. 

Figures obtained by the Council in December 2016 showed that South Lanarkshire provides the second highest level of funding of all 32 councils in Scotland in delivering this service.  In total, we continue to invest some £1.2million in school crossing patrollers each year, meaning that we spend more per head of population than 30 of the 31 other councils in Scotland, including four of the five that have bigger populations than we do.

However, there is no escaping the current financial climate and, as with everything else, the Council has had to critically review this and all other areas of service provision, especially those we are offering over and above our legal requirements. The council has no legal obligation to provide school crossing patrollers but, despite this, we have continued to fund this service at significant levels. Following a review of the service, a number of patrollers will continue to be removed on a gradual basis, where it is appropriate to do so.

A number of patroller locations were planned for removal on 18 April 2017, however, the Council considered representations that had been received regarding these removals and deemed it appropriate to undertake a review of the assessments for each patroller location. The patrollers were retained at their current locations pending the result of the review. This review has now been completed and considered pedestrian volume, traffic volume, reported injury accident history and the local characteristics of each crossing site.

Please see the end of this letter for details of locations which will be affected. One of the patrols affected by the decision to reduce the number of locations may be on your child’s journey to school. The purpose of this letter is to explain how these savings will be implemented.

I wish to advise you that patrollers at the 20 identified locations will be permanently removed from 26 September 2017.

When making this difficult decision a significant consideration was the fact that there is no statutory duty on any Scottish council to provide school crossing patrollers at any location. Rather, parents/carers are deemed to have responsibility for getting children safely to school. However, South Lanarkshire Council took the decision to provide patrollers in many locations, and approximately 135 sites are currently in operation.

Risk assessments have been undertaken at all of these locations by an experienced road safety professional to ensure that the road can still be crossed safely provided that reasonable care is taken. Please note that this assessment assumes that children are accompanied by an adult if required.

The ability of any child to cross the road safely will depend on traffic conditions and facilities present at or near the crossing point and the child’s road safety skills.  Similar to the walking routes to school assessment the Council adopts, parents need to assess if their child is competent to cross the road safely. If parents do not feel this to be the case, then arrangements require to be made for an adult to accompany the child on the route to / from school.

If you wish to discuss this matter further please contact Stuart Laird on 01698 453607 or Colin Smith on 01698 453757.

Yours sincerely

Colin Park

Engineering Manager


Area Locations
Law Station Road/ Muir Street
Lanark Cleghorn Avenue
Carstairs Lanark Road
Lesmahagow Balgray Road (at Priory Rd/ Balgray Road junction)
Kirkmuirhill Thornton Road/ Carlisle Road
East Kilbride Maxwellton Avenue
East Kilbride Stewartfield Crescent/ Lymekilns Road
Blantyre Craig Street/ Hardie Street
Uddingston Lower Millgate /North British Road
Bothwell Fallside Road/Appledore Crescent
Hamilton Chantinghall Road/ Wellhall Road
Hamilton Townhill Road/ Luss Brae
Hamilton Clarkwell Road/ Hillhouse Road, Hillhouse
Hamilton Newlands Drive/ Aitken Road
Larkhall Duke Street/ Maple Drive
Larkhall Glengonnar Street/ Shaw Street
Larkhall Raploch Street/ McNeil  Street
Larkhall Caledonian Road/ McNeil Street (cross at a point away from the junction if required)
Larkhall Glen Avenue
Larkhall Ashgillhead Road/ Stewartgill Place, Ashgill


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