Business Links

We enjoy positive relationships with a wide range of local business partners.  Some of the partners are local firms and some are parents and carers who contribute as employers/employees.

Our partners contribute to the life of our school in the following ways;

  • some partners contributed to our recent Skills Analysis to identify the skills we should be developing in our pupils to make them better equipped to enter the worlds of work and further education,
  • some partners contribute to our Careers Fayre during which they give of their time to participate in an evening of informal interviews with pupils and their parents/carers to offer them advice about the qualifications and skills needed to pursue specific careers and give them the benefit of their experience working in particular industries and services,
  • some partners contribute directly to learning and teaching by working alongside staff in classes to help deliver lessons related to their area of expertise and provide a novel learning experience for our pupils.  

If you are part of our local business community or are a parent/carer willing to contribute to this area of school life we would like to hear from you.  Please contact our School Office.

Our Parent Council are currently seeking support from parents and carers who would be willing to be part of a project they are taking forward on behalf of the school.  If you are interested please contact our School Office or our Parent Council.