S4 Prelims: Supported Study Timetable

The S4 Prelims begin on Wednesday 6th December. Supported Study will be offered at the following times:

Supported Study – S4: November -December 2017


Date Subjects
Tuesday 28th November  Maths/ Geography/  Modern Studies
Wednesday 29th November English / Chemistry/ Admin and IT / Business Management
Thursday 30th November Physics/Health & Food/Computing
Friday 1st December             Modern Studies/ Geography/ Homework Club after school
Monday 4th December     German/French/History/Philosophy/ Accounting/ Biology/ Admin and IT/ Modern Studies/ Art/Geography
Tuesday 5th December    Music/Drama/Bus Management/ Maths/Modern Studies/Biology
Wednesday 6th December  Modern Studies/ Art/ Music Technology/ Admin and IT/ Accounting/Biology


Existing Supported Study Arrangements


Date Subjects
Graphics                                Every Wednesday lunchtime and after school
Design and Manufacture  Every Thursday lunchtime and after school
Woodworking                     Every Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes
History                         Every Wednesday after school
Computing                                Monday and Thursday lunchtimes
Maths                           Monday and Wednesday Lunchtimes
Art                                     Every lunchtime and after school – please arrange with class teacher.
Music                           Practice available every lunchtime
English                         All National 5 pupils have been offered supported study by their classroom teacher after school.
Admin and Accounting    Monday lunchtimes
Accounting                      Wednesday lunchtimes



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