SQA Estimates


Dear Parent/Carer,

SQA Estimates

This letter contains important information for the parents and carers of young people taking SQA Examinations.

All young people at Duncanrig Secondary School taking SQA Examinations at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher levels will have estimates submitted to the SQA.

Young people will receive a tracking report on Tuesday 26th of April which will confirm the estimate grade that they have received in each of their subjects. This is shown in the “Working Grade” column and is based on the evidence we hold.

The estimate is based upon evidence of the young person’s demonstrated attainment in each subject. This is evidence we currently have including, for example, prelim examinations, portfolio evidence, and any other relevant assessments, which met the rigorous SQA standards.

It is important to note that the final SQA grade awarded may be different from the school’s estimated grade. Young people have the opportunity to improve on their final grade, as this will be determined on their performance in final SQA assessments.

All S4 to S6 young people have been issued with a copy of the SQA ‘Your Exams 2022’ booklet for further guidance and support, including Exceptional Circumstances and the Appeals process. Copies of this are also available from our school office and can also be found here:


Young people in S4 and S5 will receive the estimate report in registration on Tuesday. S6 young people can collect this from the school office.

Yours faithfully,


Annette Alexander

Acting Head Teacher