SQA update

Dear Parent/Carer,

You will be aware that on Tuesday the Depute First Minister announced that external examinations for Higher and Advanced Higher would no longer go ahead. Currently, we are awaiting further guidance from SQA on the detail of an alternative certification model but we expect that it will be similar to that of National 5 which was published this week. It is our expectation that teachers will provide provisional results based on their professional judgement. Judgements will be made using a range of assessment evidence including class tests, extended assessments and practical performance. We are unsure at the moment about the SQA’s position on coursework. Teachers will submit provisional awards to SQA who will have a key role in quality assurance before agreeing final results.

As a result of these changes, we will no longer be holding a formal prelim diet. Young people will be completing tasks and activities throughout the year which will be used as assessment evidence and to support this we will hold two assessment blocks where departments can carry out extended assessments. By managing the assessments over a block, we can space out subjects to ensure a planned and manageable approach. All assessments will take place within class time and under the supervision of the class teacher. SQA assessment procedures will be followed at all times. The first of these blocks for S5/6 will take place from Monday 1st February to Friday 12th February. A calendar of dates will be issued to young people on return in January. A second block is likely to be held after the Spring Break in April.

Tracking reports will be issued after each assessment block, detailing a young person’s working grade (what the current assessment evidence indicates) and target grade (what the young person should be trying to work towards). There will also be teacher comments in these reports detailing strengths and next steps. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s progress please contact their Pupil Support Teacher in the first instance.

We understand that removing formal examinations may increase the anxiety for some young people but we have focused on a planned and measured approach to ensure young people feel supported and are not overwhelmed in what has been an already very challenging year for them. As we receive more information from SQA we will continue to update you, should you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch with us,

Kind regards


Mrs L McRoberts

Head Teacher