Telephoning the School

Telephone Calls

All telephone calls come in through the school office.  Office staff can answer most general enquiries. Office staff have been instructed to ask callers about the nature of their enquiry: the intention is not to be intrusive but to make sure that your call is directed to the right person.

For cold calls relating to pastoral or academic concerns or questions, office staff will put most calls through to the appropriate Pastoral Support Teacher because they are most likely to be the person who can answer the query you have. If they cannot, they will make contact with the teacher concerned and will take appropriate steps to answer your query and call you back.

If you have been invited to contact a member of staff by prior arrangement or as a result of an earlier communication between you and the member of staff, you may be transferred directly to the member of staff.  As you will appreciate, staff will usually not be available to take your call due to teaching commitments.  There are times during the week when members of staff are teaching all day, so making quick contact can be a problem.  However, every effort will be made to respond to your call.

If you consider the matter to be of a sufficiently serious nature then it may be appropriate to ask to be put in contact with the appropriate Head of House or the Head of Pastoral Care. (Depute Head Teacher).

We expect our office staff to be professional and polite in dealings with callers and they operate under South Lanarkshire Council’s Dignity at Work policy. The Council expects all of its employees to behave positively to one another as well as to service users. Similarly, office staff have the right to be treated with respect and dignity and harassing attitudes, intimidatory behaviour or inappropriate language, in any form, is unacceptable.  In such cases calls will be terminated by the office staff and referred to senior managers.