Penny Wars is Back!



In order to raise funds for school resources and transport for educational visits/extra-curricular activities, we are having our annual “Penny Wars” event with S1 pupils next week. This will run from Monday 20th – Friday 24th March for S1 registration classes.

How will it work?

  • Monday 20th March: “Penny Wars” begin.
  • S6 captains bring buckets (labelled with registration class name) to each S1 registration class at 8.55 am. Pupils will add copper only to their own bucket, which will be added to their total.
  • S6 remove buckets for storage at end of registration.
  • During lunch the buckets will be on the stage in the Street.
  • Pupils can then add silver/gold coins to buckets of other registration classes – these coins will be subtracted from the total money raised by other registration classes (any pupils can do this, but it will be mostly S1).
  • Pupils can still add copper to their own buckets during lunch (again, older pupils can do this if they want).
  • At 1.15 pm, the S6 teams will take the buckets away for counting.
  • Totals will be updated daily and shared at Registration. This information will allow S1 pupils to decide which buckets to “attack” at interval/lunch.
  • The totals will be displayed on the electronic screen in the street and updates will appear on our app.
  • This process will be repeated Tuesday – Friday.
  • The registration class with the highest total (which could very well be less than zero!) on Friday wins a prize of early lunch (period 4 off) and free pizza, juice and cake (date to be confirmed).This is a fun/competitive activity, so it would be great if you could encourage your child(ren) as much as possible.

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