SQA appeals service 2022

16th March 2022,

Dear Parent/Carer,

As I mentioned in the letter dated 2nd February, SQA announced more support for Learners taking National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher exams in 2022. These supports will be communicated to learners by their class teachers. In recognition of the disruption that learners have faced over the last two years, and the different approaches to assessment, a more generous approach to grading is being considered by SQA to factor in the impact of the pandemic on learner. There will also be an Appeal Service 2022, after the results have been published, detailed below:

Appeals Service 2022 The purpose of Appeals 2022 is to provide centres and learners with the opportunity to review an SQA National Course grade whenever a learner has not achieved the expected result for the externally-assessed components of their course. Appeals must be based on valid and reliable evidence of demonstrated attainment against National Standards, which will be reviewed by SQA senior appointees. The evidence available must have been authentically generated through planned assessment, and will have been used to inform the estimates submitted to SQA.

Roles and Responsibilities for Appeals 2022: Learners’ role Pre-certification ♦ Engage with learning throughout the course and undertake associated assessments over the      normal course of study, following advice and guidance provided by teachers and lecturers. ♦ Discuss any queries around estimated grades with teachers and lecturers. ♦ Engage positively with the SQA assessments for 2022, making the most of the opportunity to demonstrate the skills and knowledge for each course ♦ Ensure familiarity with the learner guidance on Appeals 2022 produced by SQA and understand the purpose and operation of the service. ♦ Understand that the assessment evidence, associated with the estimate, will be reviewed by SQA senior appointees, who will make the final determination of the grade based on their experience of applying the National Standards. That grade may be different from the centre’s estimate. Learners will be awarded the higher of the two grades based on the two sources of evidence — firstly, the clerically-checked examination script together with the learner performance in any other components that were not assessed through examination, and secondly, the assessment evidence presented by the centre together with any other components that were not assessed through examination.  

Learner’s role Post-certification ♦ Inform the centre as soon as possible of any concerns whenever course results are believed to not    match estimated or expected performance. ♦ Discuss the discrepancy between the estimated grade and performance in the course assessment with teachers/lecturers or centre staff to determine whether the estimated grade and supporting evidence support an Appeals 2022 request. ♦ Confirm with the centre whether agreement is given to submit alternative evidence for review. Note: eligible learners may submit an Appeals 2022 request directly to SQA (via the online portal) in advance of discussing it with their centre.

Duncanrig Supported Study/Easter School There is revision support currently available for S4-S6, details can be found on our website. http://www.duncanrig.s-lanark.sch.uk/wp-content/uploads/Duncanrig-Supp.-Study-Easter-School-2022.pdf


Yours faithfully, Mrs A Widdowson Depute Head Teacher