Concert Band Success


I am delighted to announce the following musical accolades that were secured at the Scottish Concert Band Festival Finals in Perth on Saturday.

Our Concert Band were awarded a Gold award for their performances of Aztec Fire and Canticum in the Achieving Bands class and also received the Entertainment Award for their choreographed performance of “Happy”.

As always, our pupils were a real credit to the school and should be congratulated, along with their director Mr Shanks, for everything they have achieved this session.


Megan Crombie 5C2
Chloe McCulloch 5C1
Heather McClimens 3A2
Charlie Geddes 1B1
Nathan Crosbie 1A1
Robyn Edwards 6B2
Finn Mason 5CSB
Laura Galasso 4A3
Heather Gildie 4C1
Ross Cooper 1B1
Arlena Edwards 1D3
Alto Sax
Eilidh Russell 6D2
Brea Jenkins 4C1
Jai Mason 2B1
Sean Dyer 2B3
Mirren McIvor 1A2
Hannah Balloch 2A2
Tenor Sax
Fraser Cooper 6A1
Eleanor Hardy 4C2
Bari Sax
Nikki Aitken 5B2
Calum Blair 6A1
Louise Nally 6C2
Molly Fairley 4D1
Fraser Jackson 4A3
Claire Nally 3C2
Alexx Clarkson 3B2
Lara Marks 3D1
Anna Cochrane 3A2
Archie Wallace 2D2
Cameron Brown 3A1
Iona McCallum 1C1
Aidan Neil 4D2
Chloe Branney 1C3
Adam Hood 2A1
Scott Tavendale 4D1
Bass Guitar
Matthew Harkness 6B1
Liam Madden 4A3
Rachel McGown 3D1
Kirsten Docherty 5B1
Amy Royer 2A3
Emma Simpson 2A1
Joshua Masih 2B3
Erin Jenkins 1C1
Hannah Kelly 1C1


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