Duncanrig Sports Day

A massive thank you to all staff and pupils for making the 2017 Duncanwealth Games Day a great success.  With over 120 competitors, 700 spectators and the weather just about staying on our side, the event truly showcased the outstanding sporting talents we have at Duncanrig!

A special thanks to staff for helping supervise and carrying out specific roles. The event would not go ahead without all their help and support. 

Congratulations to all competitors. The medal tables are shown below.


S1 Boys

1st Dean Letford 1D1

2nd Sam Webster 1A1

3rd Cameron MacDonald


S1 Girls

1st Megan McLeod 1D1

2nd Melissas Lawton 1A3

3rd Esther George 1B1


S2 Boys

1st Nathan Miller 2D1

2nd Jamie Young 2D2

3rd Lewis Gray 2B2


S2 Girls

1st Sarah Kelly 2B1

2nd Sophie Steele 2C2

3rd Ellie Walker2C2 and Emma Steele 2C2


S3 Boys

1st Cameron Weir 3B2

2nd Shay Livingston 3D3

3rd Zak Springett 3D3


S3 Girls

1st Kirsty Craig 3D2

2nd Rebekah Smith 3B1

3rd Kelsey Weir  3D1


House Winners  BLANTYRE


Photographs of the event will follow shortly on this website.sportsdaySD--Slice1

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