Free School Meal Entitlement



Notice to parents and carers


Many of our parents and carers whose children are entitled to receive a free school meal do not apply, or do not re-apply, for their entitlement.  As well as ensuring that children get all the support to which they are entitled, this also influences how much money our school is allocated to support teaching and learning.  I’m sure you will agree it is important that we receive our full allocation of resources.


Some aspects of a school’s funding is allocated in relation to free meal uptake. The cashless catering system in the school means that confidentiality is preserved and that no one knows who is in receipt of a free meal.


It is therefore important that everyone entitled, applies or re-applies for this year. Application forms with the qualification criteria are available from our school office or from South Lanarkshire Council’s website. 


If you feel that your child may be entitled to a free meal please apply and help your child(ren) and all the others receive their fair share of resources.

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