Google Classroom

Some pupils may be having trouble accessing Google Classroom because the browser they are using (usually Chrome) is signed in under a different  account: sometimes there can be a conflict with an existing email address. This will let you sign in to Glow with no issue but problems can arise when trying to access Google Classroom.

If you are using Chrome, please check the top right hand corner to make sure you are not signed in to a different email account on your browser. The box should be blank with a figure in the circle:

Pupils should then log in to Glow and access their Google Classroom through that. If they are trying to sign in using the app on their phone then please ensure that they are using their “G-suite” address. This is the same as their Glow address but with the suffix This is for all Google apps and is slightly different from his normal login which ends

If pupils are still having problems getting in to Google Classroom, click on the three dots on the top right and choose “New Incognito Window” – this should solve any problems. If you still encounter problems, please contact the school office.