Live at Lunch

The Live at Lunch programme of pupil performances recommences this week.  Details for this term are shown below.  Please come along to support your fellow pupils and enjoy the quality of the performances they provide for you.  When they are famous you will have to pay to see them!

Live at Lunch

2017 Programme Jan – March

Tuesday 17th Jan


Heather Gildie – S4 clarinet

Abigail Berry – S2 voice

Molly Fairley S4 – trumpet

Hannah Shearer S5 – voice

Lucy McLean S5 – voice

Abbie Hamilton S6 – voice


Tuesday 21st Feb



SQA acting pieces

Tuesday 24th Jan


Fraser Cooper S6 – piano

Laura Galasso S4 – clar

Brea Jenkins S4 – sax

Aidan Neil S4 – trombone

Gregor Watson S6 – dk


Tuesday 7th March



SQA acting pieces

Tuesday 7th Feb


Amy Coster S6 – pno/tp

Erin Leckie S6 – pno/tp

Erin Jenkins S1 –   vln

Louise Nally S6 – tpt

Eilidh Gough S6 – vce


Tuesday 21st March



NPA Acting and Musical Theatre


All performances are in the Drama Studio and entry is free.

If you would like to perform at a future L@L, speak to your Music or Drama teacher.

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