Physics/Chemistry Supported Study Dates

N5 Physics Supported Study Dates

Session 2021-2022


Session Day/Date Time Topic Teacher Venue
1 Thursday 10th Feb 4.10-5.10pm Waves Miss Leggat C204
2 Thursday 17th Feb 4.10-5.10pm Radiation Mr Sinclair C203
3 Friday 25th Feb 3-4pm Dynamics Miss Leggat C204
4 Wednesday 2nd March 3-4pm Space Mr Sinclair C203
5 Thursday 10th March 4.10-5.10pm Properties of Matter Miss Leggat C204
6 Thursday 17th March 4.10-5.10pm Energy Mr Sinclair C203
7 Thursday 24th March 4.10-5.10pm Open-ended Qs Miss Leggat C204
8 Wednesday 30th March 3-4pm Electricity Mr Sinclair C203
9 Thursday 21st April 4.10-5.10pm Final Preparations Miss Leggat C204


Higher Physics Masterclasses.

Saturday 5th March 9 – 11.30 am. The focus will be Our Dynamic Universe.

Saturday 26th March 9 – 11.30 am. The focus will be Electricity.

Saturday 23rd April 9 – 11.30 am. The focus will be Particles and Waves.


Supported Study

National 5 Chemistry


Date Teacher Room Focus
Thursday 24th Feb Mrs Stewart C206 Mole and titration


Monday 28th Feb Mr Murray C202 Bonding and Structure
Monday 7th March Mr Murray C202 Naming compounds/ functional groups/

Energy calculations

Monday 14th March Mr Murray C202 Literacy / Open Questions
Monday 21st March Mrs Callaghan C208 Formula/ionic formula/

A type Questions

Tuesday 18th April Miss Hamilton C209 Exam technique



Supported Study

Higher Chemistry


Date Teacher Room Focus
Thursday 24th Feb Miss Hamilton C209 Molar Volume Calculations
Monday 28th Feb Mrs Callaghan C208 % Yield and Atom Economy
Monday 7th March Miss Hamilton C209 Hess’s Law
Monday 14th March Mrs Callaghan C208 Arithmetic questions
Monday 21st March Miss Hamilton C209 Equilibrium
Monday 28th March Mrs Callaghan C208 A type questions
Tuesday 19th April Mrs Callaghan C208 Exam Techniques