S4 Parents Evening

Parents Evening Booking


Dear Parents/Carers of S4 Pupils

Our online Parents Evening booking system makes it possible for parents to make the bookings electronically from a computer or a smart phone, without the need for pupils to circulate round staff in order to get appointments. 

Once the booking system goes “live” you simply follow the instructions below:

Click on this link:  http://www.parents-booking.co.uk/Duncanrig

Do not try to ‘Google’ this website address or use a search engine as that will not work.

Login, select the appropriate Parents Evening, see which appointments are available and select those that suit you.  To assist you in planning your evening a map of the school has been uploaded to our website.  Please note the locations of the following departments who will be outwith their normal accommodation;

PE                                           Room E110

Support for Learning       School Library

Pupil Support                     The Street

Full details are contained in a letter issued to all S4 pupils at Registration today, including an indication of when the booking system link becomes “live”.

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