School Uniform

Dear Parent or Carer,

The wearing of school uniform is central to our school ethos at Duncanrig. Uniform ensures our young people maintain a pride in the school and creates a sense of unity which is important especially in a very large school like Duncanrig Secondary. Despite the recent poor weather our expectations regarding uniform are clear;

Duncanrig’s Uniform Code is:

Black blazer
Plain white school shirt
School tie worn appropriately
Plain black school trousers or plain black skirt
Plain black v-neck jumper or cardigan that allows school ties to be seen
Black school shoes

Tracksuit bottoms and sports leggings are not suitable school dress and should not be worn to school. Shoes should be plain black, white trainers are not acceptable school dress at Duncanrig Secondary School.

Young people who fail to attend in school uniform will be issued with a demerit and will be expected to be in uniform the next school day. Where a young person continues to receive uniform demerits they will not be permitted to take part in trips or represent the school at competitions and events. We understand that for some families providing uniform can be very costly. Consequently, we have set up a small clothing bank available to all young people and we would ask that you contact your child’s Pupil Support Teacher should you have any issues regarding uniform.

Thank you for your continued support with this.

Kind regards

Lyndsay McRoberts
Head Teacher